XVIII. National Public Education Expert Meeting


This year's XVIII. National Public Education Expert Meeting was taken place in Hajdúszoboszló between 11-13 October 2016. Our company, Balázs-Diák Ltd. participated there as an exhibitor and presenter.

During the 3 days, large number of visitors were listening to lecturs by high-ranking education leaders. Experts treated the future prospects of the education as a priority topic. The plenary sessions and workshops were given by names such as Tamás Deutsch Dr, Judit Czunyiné Dr Bertalan, József Kaposi and Attila László Főző Dr.

The visitors were able to get to know the innovative SEN iDoctum software product line at the stand of Balázs-Diák Ltd. In fact, as an unique opportunity, visitors had the chance to try out the eye-controlled version of it. The dedicated teachers and parents welcomed our products enthusiastically.

We hope our SEN software can reach everyone who needs it. Therefore, if you buy 2 software products you’ll get 30% discount and a toy as a present. This offer is valid until 31 December 2016. For more details and purchase options taneszkoz.hu site.